N800, Upgraded to OS2008 & iGO BT Keyboard

7 01 2008

Well I finally got myself sorted with the N800. I’ve upgraded the operating system from the pre-installed OS2007 to the lastest OS2008 and managed to pair the iGO Keyboard aswell.

I’d initially set everything up during the christmas break, but I updated to the latest beta release of OS2008, but I ended up losing Bluetooth and crashing the system, so had to reflash and start all over again.To upgrade from the OTB OS2007 to the latest OS2008 is very easy. Just download and the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard Download
Install on your PC, connect the N800 to your PC and run the software, following all the onscreen instructions.

Repositories, where you can download applications from, has been a great problem for some people, but all I did was delete all the current repositories in the Application Manager Catalogue and then go to http://www.gronmayer.com/it/ and selected all repositories to install, expect ‘AUSTINCHE’ which seemed to crash the Application Manager.

Pairing the iGO BT Keyboard was very easy as well. I just went to the Control Panel on the N800 and selected the Bluetooth Keyboard option. Select ‘Generic 105-Key PC’ and ‘English (USA)’, then click pair and find the device.





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