N800 with OS2008: Applications Built-in/Installed

15 01 2008
screenshot00.pngYou’ve looked on the Nokia pages and seen what the N800 looks like, you’ve read a few reviews on the new OS2008 and looked at all the problems people have on forums like ITT (remember most people only post when there is a problem, its not all bad), but you really want to know what the N800 is like and what it is capable of? Well read on and I’ll tell you exactly what I’ve been doing with mine and if any the applications I’ve downloaded and using meet what you want or expected from this Nokia Internet Tablet.
Internet Call
1. Click on ‘New Internet Call’ and ‘Add Account’
2. Enter your Username (I’ve got a sipgate account , so added XXXXXXX@sipgate.co.uk) and Password, then
click on ‘Finish’.
SIP working well over 3G via my N73 or via any Wifi connection. This alows me to call free to any 0800
numbers and anyone can call be using the SIP landline number. If I did add credit to my Sipgate account I could also call any number I want anywhere in the world.
Internet Chat
If you only have a GoogleTalk or Jabber account then the built-in Chat will be great for you. I had upgraded to the new beta upgrade2 for the Chat to allow additional services like MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc.., but my bluetooth wouldn’t pair or connect to my N73, N95 or iGO BT Keyboard after the upgrade, so had to revert back to the original. If you don’t use bluetooth on your N800 I’d recommend upgrading as the integrated Contacts/Call/Chat is just so cool. Alternatively for Chat I’d use the application Pidgin, it can handle just about every service including
NOTE: Oh and I forgot to say the N800 has built-in video call capability, just push out the little camera and away you go. Not really tried this as I don’t video call anyone.
Skype & Gizmo
In the standard flash for OS2008 you will see an icon for Skype and Gizmo if you click on any of these
they will be installed to your N800. I only really use Skype, I’ve never liked Gizmo but that’s my preference, try it yourself and see what you think. One thing Gizmo has over Skype is it can handle video and multiple chat. My skype usage for calls has been very clear and not had any major problems using it.
The built-in email client is okay on the N800 and can handle POP3 and IMAP4. I use googlemail mostly for all my day to day mobile communication and pull in various email addresses from yahoo, aim, o2, sky, etc.. and I only have to access one account, so usually just use the internet browser
http://mail.google.com and it saves me having to store emails on the N800 (I download all my emails when I get home and onto my laptop). Testing the built-in email client using my O2 email account worked well.
When you have created a call, chat and email account, you can start to add contacts to the N800, this is
what I really like about the N800, add into your new contact their email address, SIP number or chat addie, now if you go into call, chat or email you will see their name there. I know it sounds simple, but one thing I always wanted for my Nokia phones was a intergrated internet calling and messenger. Don’t ask me the easiest way to transfer contacts over to the N800 I decide against copying all my contacts over from my N73 as I have a very long list of business clients who I don’t really chat with so I’ve only added the people I regularily communicate with.
The built-in media player is very good, it can handle most audio, video and audio/video streaming and it also has the nokia internet radio player built-in (Shoutcast & Real Player feeds) and you can still add ones of your own. I’m hopefully going to do a seperate posting on the multimedia capabilities of the N800, so i will just tell you what it can do and leave for a later date to go into the exact files it can play and possible sites to visit to view video and live tv.
Additional Media
If you find a file the built-in media player can’t handle, don’t worry, just install mPlayer and it will probably be capable of playing it. If you don’t like the basic layout of the mplayer why not add canola2 and use this as a eye candy media player for audio, video, podcasts, photos, and internet radio. I’ve also added the application Vagalume to my N800 which allows me to access Last.fm for additional music enjoyment. If you have never used
http://last.fm before all you need to do is add the name of an artist you like and it will play full songs from that artist and similar artists as well. You can also use the built-in internet browser and play the last.fm online player direct from the site before you decide to install Vagalume.
Web Browser
The web browser in the N800 is a Mozilla variant, at times I’ve found this quite slow to load pages
while connected via my N73 on 3G connection. Still you are getting a full internet browser that can handle most media you can play on your Full PC browser, like YouTube or Dailymotion flash video, bbc iplayer, etc..
RSS Feed Reader
I’m only using this at the moment for N800 related feeds, I still use Google Reader online for all my other mobile phone related feeds. One thing about the built-in RRS Reader is I can fire the N800 up in the morning before I leave for work, refresh the feeds, then go to work and read the full feed postings offline.
GPE Calendar, To Do List
The N800 doesn’t have a built-in calendar, so I just installed GPE Calendar and along with GPE Summary
which adds an applet to the desktop to allow you quickly see what Appointments and To Do items you have today, tomorrow, etc.. I’ve heard there is a application to sync the calendar with Goolge Calendar, but haven’t had time to try yet (Think its called Ermining).
Torrents using Transmission
I downloaded the application Transmission for torrent downloading on the N800 not expecting it to be any
good, but how wrong could I have been. I find a torrent file from my usual websites and forums, save to file and then open using Transmission. I’ve had over 200kb transfer speed via my wifi connection for some music downloads. There has been some talk of how reliable some memory cards will be using then for file sharing and how long they will last, so its up to yourself if you want to use this application, hell I will be constantly.
FTP using gFTP
I downloaded the application gFTP for transfering files to my Yahoo Geocities webspace, works well and
haven’t had any problems so far transfering to/from.
Failing of the N800, but curable
Failings of the N800 are in handling Office documents (Word, excel, ppoint, etc..) there is no built-in
client to handle this, you do get a pdf reader and you can add gnumeric for excel spreadsheets, but I’ve just installed on my 4GB Internal memory card the linux distro KDE 3.5.8 http://kde.org which has been kindly worked on by Penguinbait from Internet Tablet Talk forums which allow us to easily install KDE from 3 deb files. With KDE installed you will have another operating system on you tablet which can be accessed from the Extras folder and allow you to use KOffice for all your office documentation and a hell of a lot more. Check out the discussions at http://www.internettablettalk.com
Most applications I’ve been able to get from either the main Nokia site, Maemo repositories or from
looking on Internet Tablet Talk:
http://www.gronmayer.com/it (Good source for full repository listings)



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24 09 2008

nice review mate.

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