N800 & Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-701

19 01 2008

I’ve not been a great fan on Nokia accessories, usually every headset which has come with my Nokia phones are just left in the box as the sound quality of them are not the best, so when I was asked by WOM World to try out the new Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-701 I was a little reluctant to take it.

When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised by the look of the headset, very nice looking with the silver finish and the strange thin metal circle. Its very light and the metal circle sits nicely round the ear while the plastic insert round the earpiece means its very comfortable to wear. I usually hate things in my ears, thats why I use Sennheiser PX200’s with my mobiles, so I tried the Nokia BT Headset on a journey from Glasgow to Preston, about 2.5 hrs traveling time, and I kept the headset on all the way.

The sound quality of the headset is good, but I found it a little too low while traveling at fast speeds, but still usable. Pairing the headset with my N73, N800 and 3Skypephone was simple and I never lost connection with any of them at anytime.

I’ve seen the BH-701 for about £50, so maybe the only stumbling block for me as the last BT Headset I picked up for £7 for play sale, but its no where as comfortable or as stylish as the Nokia one, so you get what you pay for may come into play here.

This is probably the first Nokia accessory I’ve liked, hopefully this is the start of things to come.

I’d originally got this to test with the N73 and N95 I had at the time, but I’ve been using with the N800 for Internet Calling on SIP and Skype, its a bit better than holding the N800 and talking into it I suppose.

As I use the N800 more and more and start using to call home during the week while away working, the Nokia BH-701 maybe worth the extra few pounds. Think I’ll be google product searching soon.




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