N800 the Internet Phone

22 01 2008

One thing I didn’t expect to use the N800 as was an Internet Phone, but that’s what’s happened.


I’ve got a basic Skype account with only £1.36 credit left on it, and don’t have SkypeIn, so limited to calling fellow Skype users, calling FREE 0800 numbers or using my spare credit for SkypeOut calls. Then I remembered I had a SIP account at Sipgate (www.sipgate.co.uk) which allows me to have a free landline number, entered my Username & Password into the built-in Internet Call application and I had my own landline number on the N800 for people to call me.


Now this SIP landline number doesn’t come in handy if I’m sitting at home, cos I already have a landline number there, but where it really comes in handy is when I’m away working or when the family go on holiday. Just as long as I can connect to a free wifi connection, but these are springing up everywhere and most hotels now offer free wifi.


Sound quality for both Skype and SIP have been surprisingly very clear over Wifi. I’ve even tried over the 3UK 3G connection on my N73 and I still get good quality calls. The N800 built-in speakers and microphone will allow good quality calling, but I’ve paired to my BT handsfree which allows better movement and less feedback from the speakers to the microphone.




2 responses

21 02 2008


I’d like to use this facility on my n800 but am unable to find the rright combination of parameters into the tablets innternet call app. I believe my primary problem is that the app interrface asks for a sip user name and insists on an input in the form of an email address. How did you configure your app to make this work.


22 02 2008

just put in your numbered username, if you had a number 01253123123 your username would be 3123123, so email would be 3123123@sipgate.co.uk

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