Chat & Internet Calling Software Update 2 for N8x0 OS2008

30 01 2008

The following update will allow you to use the N8x0 built-in Chat & Internet Calling for additional services from MSN, Yahoo, AIM, IRC, etc…


1. You need to enable ‘red pill mode’ in Application Manager.
a. Start “Settings > Application Manager”.
b. Go to “Tools > Application catalogue”, click “New”.
c. Enter “matrix” into the “Web Address” field and click “Cancel”.
d. Choosing the red pill will activate the red pill mode, obviously, and choosing the blue one will deactivate it.

2. Open this webpage in your N8x0 device.
3. Install the installer from here (click on this link while on your N8x0)
4. Once installed, select the menu item “Extras/RTCom update installer” and continue
5. Make sure to disable ‘red pill mode’ by repeating step (1) and selecting ‘blue pill’ instead.

You should see any future updates within the Application Manager ‘Check for update’ section, but note you may need to be in ‘Red Pill Mode’ again to install some updates.




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