N800 + 250GB External Hard Drive

5 03 2008

I have just been able to connect my iomega 250GB Hard Drive to my N800.

I downloaded USB Control and then bought a USB Adaptor A(F)-A(F), Part No. L19BT, for £5.99 from Maplin

N800 + iomega 250GB HD

Connect all the cable together and run USB Control app and select HOST, then that’s it. I can now use the N800 File Manager to view all the contents of my external hard drive.

USB Control App

File Manager

I’ve left the N800 running playing the Transformers movie using mplayer and its not jumped or stuttered in the last hour, so its a winner.




4 responses

20 03 2008

is your HDD is VFAT or else?
Mine is HFS+ and I can’t see it? I tough Linux could read HFS+ I guess not.
Any hint on how to read HFS+ on N800 with OS2008, thx


24 03 2008

@nicolas sorry but i can’t help you, not to clued up with hd format types. Maybe ask the question over at http://www.internettablettalk.com

7 04 2008

Any perticular HDD ? Do you need a HDD with separate power supply ? Or do the HDD get power from the USB ?

7 04 2008

The hdd i used was mains powered, but i’ve used with 2 2gb memory sticks and they worked fine. I don’t think the n800 will give you the same power out that normal usb connections on a pc would, so i think it depends on the device used.

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