N73 connected to the N800

7 03 2008

Just to follow up on yesterdays successful USB Control app connection to my iomega External HD, I’ve now connected my N73 (set in Mass Storage mode) to my N800 via the USB cable and been able to access the memory card on the N73. Think this will also work for the N95, but I’ve left my other cable at home, so can’t try till the weekend.




3 responses

10 03 2008

I’ve tested it with the N95 8GB and it works fine, used it to move some music folders from the N800 to the N95 8GB.

18 03 2008

thats sweet how you can use external HDD on the n8xx devices, wish it could be done with s60 devices, it would be pretty dam usefull..

18 03 2008

Host mode for the N95 8GB would be good. Don’t think its possible though. I’ll stick with the N800 until then.

I don’t know if PC World are still doing their 110% price match against Play.com. Noticed play.com have put the price back up to £149 for the N800.

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