10 03 2008

Seperate YouTube application for the N800/N810, you’ll need python installed. Just head over to MyTube website for full instructions or download from here.

Note: All FLV files viewed are downloaded and stored on the memory card.

Update 22/03/08: Now at version 0.0.9.




6 responses

11 03 2008

That’s a pretty cool program, way to go!

13 03 2008

Any idea how to change it the default saving location to the internal memory card? Thnx

13 03 2008

Wow, I typed that last response all wrong. lol I wanted to ask how to change the default saving location from the internal memory card to the external memory card? Thnx again.

13 03 2008

no way of changing just yet, but the application is still in development, so hopefully more good things to come. I’ll keep an eye on it and will post any new changes which maybe released.

24 03 2008

Canola has a youTube add-on. I’m digging it better than this app. Check it out, if you already have Canola.

24 03 2008

i’ve downloaded canola2 beta 7 and just trying out to compare against mytube. I’m not a great fan of canola2 as i’ve still to use a version which actually works well with my n800.

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