Chat on the N95 8GB

26 03 2008

I’ve started to use Instant Messaging instead of text messaging as more and more people I know start to add a internet add-on or get price plans which include free instant messaging (like 3’s free MSN) or a small amount of data.

I have a GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Skype account, so trying to find an application for the N95 8GB which does them all is hard. I found Fring can handle all of these, but I just don’t like Fring and have sacrificed Skype Chat to use LCG Slick as my main Instant Mesenger client.

LCG Slick Image LCG Slick v0.39

I find LCG Slick is just nicer to use and is very stable, well most of the time, I did have problems with Version 0.38 and had to use my backup IM Client which is Palringo.

Palringo Image Palringo v0.96

To be honest both LCG Slick and Palringo are probably the best two IM Clients around, so Its probably a personal choice which one you prefer.




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