Email on the N95 8GB

26 03 2008

There are a number of ways to view your email on the N95 8GB, you could use the built-in Nokia email client, which is okay if you are a casual email user, but not if you’re a heavy one like myself. I like to quickly view emails and only answer ones which are important if I’m out of the office and away from the PC.

Alternative ways of viewing your email could be the Gmail app, YahooGO, Windows Live for S60 or use the web browser. Personally I use all of these, I need to sort myself out, but most used is probably the Gmail app (download using the built-in web browser from for all my work & personal related emails, then I use the YahooGO app (download using the built-in web browser from for all blogging emails. I still have a hotmail account for some friends who refuse to switch, so use the integrated Windows Live for S60 which includes a Chat & Email client (Download from the Nokia installed Download! app). Or just use the web browser and go directly to corresponding email providers full or mobile mail web pages.

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13 05 2008

I just started to use N95-4 (8gb). Compared to my previous N95-1 or N95-3, the internal email client is much SLOWER (aparently when having a lot of messages).

I also use MAIL BY GOOGLE, but… having problems too! For example:

1) I’m only able to use contacts at GMAIL, not contacts on the phone.
This is quite frustrating for a mobile application.
2) every time I start the application, ask me for network access and
then for access point select. At the app manager, I allow the
application for network use and selected an access point. Anyway,
continues to ask.
3) I’m unable to download attachement. For example, a PDF file. It
open it automatically using their own viewer (not the Adobe Reader LE
I have installed). Most of the times, I’m unable to read de PDF file.


13 05 2008


I sync my contacts with Google using Sync on the N95 8GB and ScheduleWorld

I’ve found the app (red icon) loads up very slowly compared to the googleapp gmail version (blue icon) and I’ve found myself just using the web browser and going to the html version ( and look down the very bottom and select HTML version) which allows me to add & download attachments.

13 05 2008

Thanks for the tip!

I never find a way to contact GOOGLE and give them feedback about all the problems they have in both applications. I posted to the HELP FORUM but in time, no one replies and the thread was eliminated.

It’s a shame, because I think those apps have a lot of potential.

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