PicoDrive and Sonic 1, 2 & 3 for N95 8GB

28 03 2008


The only game I ever like on my old Sega Mega Drive was Sonic The Hedgehog, I still get the Mega Drive down from the loft every so often and play, but now I can have a full playable version on my N95 8GB thanks to PicoDrive and the original ROM’s I have for Sonic 1, 2 & 3.
Download HERE





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9 07 2008


17 08 2008

is this capabie with nokia 6220 classic?

18 08 2008

@AxL PicoDrive should work on all S60 3rd Edition mobile phones, I’ve tested on N73, N95 (FP1), N95 8GB (FP1), N82 (FP1) & N78 (FP2). I’m sure the 6220 is FP2 the same as the N78, so shouldn’t be a problem.

6 09 2008

sadly it didn’t work. 😥

30 01 2009

How to put games into picodrive on my n95? Thanks for helping me…

30 01 2009

@Yann: Put the ROM files in a folder on your memory card and simply open pico Drive and select ‘Load ROM’. Load ROM will bring up the file drives for you to select which ROM to pick, just navigate to ur folder and select. The game should just start working then.

6 03 2009
Rash root

Thank you very much a like the old games sega

14 03 2009
needs help

Hey. I DL it already, but then I dont get how you use/play it…O_O It says something like load rom and stuff.

30 03 2009

Don’t know how old this post is but wonder if anyone could help….

Got it all running fine but just asking if there is away to use the sliding media key on the N96 phone… When u got and reconfigure the buttons these are not recongised…

Cheers in advance


30 03 2009

You could use magickey to reconfigure your keys to whatever you want, but magickey is an unsigned app so you’ll need to be able to sign it.

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