Canola2 Beta 8 – Now this is nice!

8 04 2008

I’ve not been a great fan of Canola2, I’ve installed and quickly uninstalled probably 3 times on my N800 to try out the latest and greatest beta release. I’d nearly given up on there being a decent release until I saw they had updated again and now had an addon for, so I thought I’d give it one last try. Oh and am I so so so glad I did, this release it awesome.

I’d also tried this new release to see if it would be an easy way for the Wife to get involved in MY hobby and maybe use the N800 when I eventually get the N810 to trial from WOM World for a few weeks. I thought see might use the N800 if all my music, video, podcasts, internet radio, youtube and was in one single application and I’m glad to say it is.

Now it did take me a while to add all my internet radio stations from BBC Radio, Icecast and Shoutcast (you may need to add /listen.pls to the end of some of the shoutcast streams for them to work), but once I’d done this Canola2 is setup for my technology shy Wife to use.

Download from the Canola2 website by clicking the INSTALL and following the online instructions carefully.




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