NEW: The nokiAAddict Podcast Web Directory

14 04 2008

The Nokia Podcasting application for the N95 8GB and other S60 3rd Edition mobile phones is a great application, but the podcast directory listings never have the podcasts I really want, so I’ve created my own and included all the BBC Radio Podcasts and some choice mobile phone podcasts.

All you need to do is add the nokiAAddict web directory into the Nokia Podcasting application:

Directories/Options/New/Web directory

Title: Can be whatever you want, maybe nokiAAddict?


What about podcasts for the N800?

Well I use Canola2 as my podcast application on the N800, so to add these podcast feeds, just open the following URL in the web browser and click on the podcast you want. You will see a list of the episodes available to download, but to add to Canola2, just click on the orange feed symbol in the bottom left hand corner and the feed handler will open up with your choice of application to add the feed to.


Note: If you have any good podcasts you’d like me to add to the web directory, just give me a shout.




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