Internet Radio

15 04 2008

Now the Nokia Internet Radio Player on your N95 8GB, N95, N82, N81, N73, etc.. is probably the only application you’ll need to listen to a host of internet streaming music, but there are additional internet radio stream which are not available yet through the Nokia Internet Radio Player, come on Radio Stations get them added here, so I’ll add links to all the addition ones gerrymoth uses on his N95 8GB via the Nokia Internet Radio Player or the Real Player.

BBC Radio Stations and Listen Again
Open the following great website ( and click on the desired radio station or listen again items, the Real Player will open up and you’ll be able to listen and then save the stream link.
BBC Radio – Listen Again

Additional Nokia IR Player Stations
Traffic Radio North West (16k)
Traffic Radio North East (16k)
Traffic Radio Midlands (16k)
Traffic Radio South West (16k)
Traffic Radio South East (16k)
Traffic Radio London (16k)

TalkSport (32k)

Comedy Pipe (128kb)

SLAM FM (128kb)

NOTE: Ensure the correct capitalisation when entering into Nokia IR Player, and if you need any other stations, just drop me a email and I’ll try my hardest to find a link for you.

Other good websites for internet radio streams are:





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