Online Music for the N800

16 04 2008

I’ve been using and the “weekend” favourite Seeqpod for general music pleasure (usually the wife, me and a few drinks, till very early in the morning). Well I’ve found a new online music player which is actually very good.

Welcome Grooveshark

Just put the following URL into the N800 web browser and the Grooveshark Lite Player (uses Adobe Flash Player) will load up.

What I’ve done is register an account with Grooveshark which allows me to save songs I find in playlists, which is very handy for selecting songs quickly on a PC and then listening to later on the N800 via wifi or 3G mobile connection, but you can still select songs, play songs and queue songs very easily on the N800.

Give it a try its free and you don’t really need to register. Let me know how you get on or what you think.




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18 04 2008
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