WalkingHotSpot – Turn your N95 into a Wifi Hotspot

21 04 2008


Turn your wifi enabled mobile phone into a walking hotspot to connect your laptop, internet tablet, etc.. for direct unsecure or secure (WEP & WPA) internet access.

You will need to register online and download the application from the SMS they send to your mobile.

I’ve been able to use this with a WEP secured connection over 3UK Network, but been unable to use with WPA secured connection for some strange reason. This is very similar to Joikuspot I’ve posted about before, but unlike Joikuspot you don’t have to put a web address into the web browser before it will work.




3 responses

22 04 2008

Unfortunately, this is trial software. Do you know how long the trial is?

22 04 2008

@frethop I’m not to sure how long the trial will be for, but I’ve emailed the WalkingHotSpot press office to ask the question. If I get an answer back from them I’ll add a comment in here.

22 04 2008

I’ve had an initial reply back from the PR people for WHS and they think its a 30 day trial.

I also noticed there is no pricing yet for this product on the WHS website, so the trial period maybe a bit longer I’m thinking?

Just got another email from TapRoot Systems Marketing team:-

At this point, we do not have an end date set for the trial. We want
users to try the product and continue using the product. We do however
retain the right to activate and deactivate as business dictates. As
soon as our carrier customers come on line, we will refer the current
free trial users to their carrier for continued service. While our
website indicates this is only a 30-day trial, our current plan is “not”
to cut someone off until the carriers come on board.

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