Player for the N95 8GB

22 04 2008 for the N95 8GB Thanks to ACUK over at I now have a working player on my N95 8GB.

Its called Blastfm and can be downloaded from M3Solutions , but there is a trick to installing on your N95 8GB, don’t install on the internal memory.

Yes, you heard me right, don’t install on the internal memory, install instead on the mass storage memory. I don’t know why it doesn’t work installing to the internal, but who cares.

The blastfm.sis file will install 3 seperate applications, Python for S60, S60 Internet Radio and finally Blastfm.

First run blastfm and add your username & password and select an artist to play, then once connected open the S60 Internet Radio app and select the ‘’ station. Now go back to the blastfm app and you will be able to see & hear what song is playing.

Be aware this is a 128k stream in the S60 Internet Radio player so ensure you have a unlimited data plan or you can use over wifi.

Download HERE




22 responses

22 04 2008

Thought you might like to see this 🙂

22 04 2008

Oh Vincent I did and also noticed the very nice message waiting for me on Thanks very much.

25 04 2008
Dave D

Installed everything to the memory card. Opened BlastFm and put in my account details. Chose connection via WiFi – it then closed. Internet radio app works OK – but doesn’t show the BlastFm station. Every time I open BlastFm it closes immediately. Installed on a N95.

15 05 2008
Symbian in Motion » Blastfm - Finally a Player for S60… Maybe

[…] process of trying what looks to be the first functional player for S60. It’s called Blastfm and it was built in Python. Sure, it’s not the optimal solution but beggers can’t be […]

7 06 2008

Is it possible to use it on a Nokia E90? Trying to install it gives Certificate error. I’ve also tried by signing it with a developer certificate, but another Certificate error is given… any hope to get it working?


8 06 2008
Bernie Goldbach

I’m running the app on my E90 but cannot get it to hook into my stations.

9 06 2008

THX– It´s very nice to get last on my N95-2, but is there no volume control?

9 06 2008

… ok sry I found it.. joystick left-right.. hm.. KEWL!!

11 06 2008

Yeah, Iuse this app on my N95. It works great. I only have one problem: I cant cange the artist without restarting both applications.

11 06 2008

When I first install blastfm and was running over Wifi I was able to SKIP tracks and see the next rack image, but when I switched to 3G I lost that ability and never got it back over Wifi or 3G.

As the first player for the S60 this is a good attempt, but could be made much much better. I just hope the developer is working hard at an update to it.

24 07 2008

This application has become unresponsive due to changes to the API server side. I do not have time myself to fix it but if anyone wants to have a go then the source code is available in SourceForge

The problem is that the Shoutcast stream no longer changes when tuning/skipping etc. Instead now serves an .xspf playlist. Any solution will need to process this and probably perform its own streaming.

6 08 2008
Mobbler v0.2.1: A Real Player for N95 8GB «

[…] played via the music player to, but not anymore. With version 0.2.1 now comes a REAL (Sorry blastfm) player for the S60 via 3G & […]

29 08 2008

Yes. Mobbler seems to do the job. Can’t wait for the source code.

2 10 2008

I have a n95 but for music always using nokia 6300 since its player is much more powerful ..Is it possible to make a somewhat simple scrobbler for those type of phones please ?

7 11 2008

Can i download it to Nokia N95?

8 11 2008

yes you can download to the N95, but I wouldn’t bother as Mobbler is a much better client for N95. Download from

10 03 2009

Thanks, gerrymoth! Mobbler works great on the Nokia E90

21 10 2009

Mobbler is a way better application, also up-to date and free! You also should try that one

21 10 2009

LOL ur reading a post from March 2008 😀

Checkout my latest posts and you’ll see I’m a Mobbler Beta Tester 🙂

21 10 2009

hehe I know, But google search still makes this post top, so I just want to let google searchers know about the new app

21 10 2009

I’m top post on Google? WOOT WOOT that calls for a beer 😀

21 10 2009

Well, try searching with “lastfm player for n95” 😀

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