Opera Mobile is DEAD…

22 04 2008

…Long live the Nokia Web Browser!

When I had my Nokia N73 I always belittled the built-in Nokia Web Browser and sung the praises of Opera Mobile (v8.65). Opera Mobile just seemed to allow me to do more with my N73, like allowing me to download virtually any file I wanted.

Since I’ve upgraded to the Nokia N95 8GB and been informed of the Coreplayer trick which allows you to download any file from the Nokia Web Browser, I’ve noticed I haven’t used Opera Mobile since.

I know what people are going to say, “Oh, but Opera are going to release a Opera Mobile v9.5 soon”. Well I’m sorry, but I’ve been hearing “v9.0 Coming Soon” since late 1996 and now Opera are trying to fool us into thinking v9.5 is coming soon as well.

Dictionary.com defines:-

adv.   soon·er, soon·est
In the near future; shortly.
– Without hesitation; promptly: came as soon as possible.
– Before the usual or appointed time; early.
– With willingness; readily: I’d as soon leave right now.
– Obsolete Immediately.

Now Opera Mini v4.0 and the newest beta release v4.1 have been a great addition from Opera and is a very good mini browser for people who maybe don’t have a massive data plan, but as far as the full (direct) web browsers go, I think OPERA MOBILE IS DEAD. Who is ever going to pay for Opera Mobile when the Nokia Web Browser has come on leaps and bounds since my N73 days and Opera Mini is distributed FREE?




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22 04 2008
Alan S

“Coreplayer trick” ??? Please tell all!

22 04 2008

You associate file types in Coreplayer, like RAR, DEB, etc.. So when you download using the Web browser you have the option of opening now or later and are able to save. See the following link for full instructions with images:-


24 04 2008

Good points BUT: the CorePlayer “trick” requires, well, CorePlayer. Which costs, right? Plus, the S60 web browser is made on the assumption that you’re viewing from a computer. Which you are NOT, no matter what Nokia’s PR tells you. I rarely use it, and only on sites that I know might be broken on Opera. And Opera Mini is the most amazing piece of software ever…if you don’t own a smartphone. End of rant.

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