Numpty-Physics (Don’t let the name put you off, this is GREAT!)

23 04 2008

What is Numpty-Physics

Numpty-Physics Start Screen

Harness gravity with your crayon and set about creating blocks, ramps, levers, pulleys and whatever else you fancy to get the little red thing to the little yellow thing.

Numpty Physics is a drawing puzzle game in the spirit (and style?) of Crayon Physics using the same excellent Box2D engine. Note though that I’ve not actually played CP so the experience may be very different. Numpty Physics includes a built-in editor so that you may build (and submit) your own levels.

Okay, I hear you say its a puzzle game, well let me tell you this is one of those puzzle games you can’t put down and its also a load of fun. Download and try for yourself, it took me a little while to work out what you do, but just read all the instructions at the Numpty-Physics homepage and look at some of the screenshots for a bit of help.




9 responses

7 10 2008

how do I get a blank page to begin to create my own level(s)?

7 10 2008

Just edit a simple file from any of these and save on the N800

8 10 2008

ok… maybe I am missing what is totally obvious…and I apologise if I am. I see levels with objects in them and the edit menu doesn’t have an eraser…or does it? If I use notepad I see numbers, do I just erase all number? Do I erase everything? Is there a tutorial? Is there a seperate editor which has an eraser? Once I get a blank page I know I’ll be ok…and by the way I have an n810 and the backspace and/or back arrow and any key I have randomly pressed does not undo the last object I drew…I have to start all over again.

8 10 2008

BTW thank you for your fast reply earlier I was suprised to get a reponse that fast.

8 10 2008

I can’t workout how to create a blank one, I’ll try and have a good look tonight, but maybe ask over on ITT Forums to see if any those guru’s can help?

8 10 2008

Thanks again, will do.

2 12 2008

spiral is kiling me, has anyone figured that out?

3 02 2009

Spiral is a bit long to do, but pause eases everything. You can erase all your parts while in pause. Then you make a floor under the yellow part and a swing, which can go out of the spiral. Unpause, it swings and moves a few diameters of its own size out of spiral. When it has swinged to max distance, pause. Erase all parts, new floor, new swing. After some 20 iterations you are out

30 11 2009

For the spiral level you have to build a 1:1 seesaw under the spiral. Use a guiding ramp to position the ball on the seesaw end under the spiral opening. Drop a massive weight on the other end of the seesaw and launch the ball into the spiral. Then or get the ball in the middle of the spiral 1 level down or scoop the lower ball up to the middle.

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