NEW: Skype Mobile Beta (skype in/out & chat)

24 04 2008

Skype have just released a new skype mobile beta. Its a java application and very similar to the version on the 3skypephone.

Presence and Chat are handled over the data connection, but when you want to call the app calls a local number.

I’m currently with 3uk network and get free skype to skype calls in a similar way, but don’t get skype in/out or chat. I’m just hoping 3uk release a new version very soon.

I’ve tested the chat and it works fine.

Download from Skype




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24 04 2008 Erste Skype-Beta ist drausen! |

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25 04 2008
Spaziocellulare NewsBlog » Skype for your mobile: il client ufficiale

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25 04 2008

If we could only change the number the app dials to the Three one then this would be a sweet app. Since Three have partnered with Skype on the Skypephone and also since Three Ireland haven’t bothered updating their non skypephone client to support chat I don’t see why this is a big ask.

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