Mobilizing nokiAAddict

29 04 2008

How do you view the website on your mobile?

The gerrymoth just uses the built-in web browser on his N95 8GB, but I’ve noticed loading the front page with images ON takes about 280kB to load, not a problem for myself on an unlimited data plan, but it maybe for others. You could turn images off,  but where is the fun in that, you want to see images.

So what are the alternatives?

The easiest is probably using Opera Mini  to view websites, which used 18kB to load, but there are the online sites which claim to mobilize your website for you like Google Mobilizer, Mippin, Winksite, etc… to name a few. I would add Mippin to my website, if only my links would show up as links rather than text.

Check them out and see what you think?

Google Mobilizer


Add Mippin widget

Do you think I need a mobile version of nokiAAddict?




One response

19 06 2008

Thanks for the mention. We are working on enabling the links for you. It has been the subject of much debate – do we do this exlusively through a transcoder or do we sniff each link to see if we can ‘mipp’ it so it is consistent with the format of the linking site. We think the latter but it requires a little more work. We’ll be there very soon. It is an excellent feature request. The Mippin Team

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