REVIEW:Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-903

30 04 2008

Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-903


When I first got this headset to trial from WOMWorld/Nokia I was ready to throw it back into the box as SOMEONE had set the language to German (Well I did have the N810 to play with), but with a little help from Google Translator I soon managed to change the language to English, and am I glad I did.


The BH-903 fits around your neck with normal looking earphones, but has a control unit with a lcd display which lets you know which song or radio station (It has built-in FM Radio) you are playing and also displays the caller when you receive a phone call. The little unit has the normal music controls for play, pause, stop, next, previous, FF, FB and a iPod like touch scroll key for the volume.


Sound quality is the best I’ve had from Nokia earphones (Will never beat my Sennheiser PX-200’s, but they are plugin not BT) and the volume is quite loud, even in a noisy environment. I’ve tested out in the office, in the car and on a busy street.


Calling using the headset couldn’t be easier, you can use voice dial or access your phones Dialled Calls, Received Calls or Missed Calls direct from the control unit and the call clarity is very good as well.


I left my phone in my jacket and used the BH-903 for the whole morning, walking around the office listening and controlling my music and radio, taking calls and dialling the wife now and then. Nokia should have included this headset in the box for the N95 8GB, it would have been a sure-fire winner.


Price? Well the cheapest I’ve seen for this headset is £99.99 from, maybe a nice birthday present for the Nokia geek in your life? “WIFE are you reading this?”




5 responses

1 05 2008

Hey Gerry!

Do these actually stay in the ear? Most earphones, including those from Nokia, I’ve used fall out of one ear (or both) all the time!

What’s the verdict pairing these with the N95 8GB? Both my non-Nokia BT headsets always drop-out but work fine with the significantly cheaper Skypephone.

2 05 2008

Ant they seem to stay in my ears very well, they are triangular shaped and have a rubbery fitting round the ear piece.

8 05 2008
WOM World / Nokia » Blog Archive » Nokia BH-903 headset – a review

[…] Gerrymoth from Nokia Addict has had his hands on the BH-903 headset, and brings us his thoughts in a review. […]

16 11 2008
Aditya Singhvi

Compare them to the Jabra BT3030… and the BH-903 takes a slight beating…

17 04 2009

First when I start using BH-903 it was fantastic and I also used it for my running but after a few months it starts having problem. Maybe it is not suitable to use it for running? but I really need a headphone wireless to go for my running (and I dont like having wire everywhere) so I dont have to carry the phone and the iPod or other MP player.

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