Playing away with the N810

7 05 2008

I’ve had my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet for over 4 months now, purchased as a treat to myself just before Christmas when the price dropped and I picked it up for less than £130. At first I wasn’t sure if the N800 would stay with me long as I could do everything & more on my Nokia mobile phone (N73 at the time), so what did I really need the N800 for? Was it just a toy for the boy?

I soon realised it maybe a toy, but I was using my N800 more and more. Its my lounge toy for sitting watching the TV and still staying in touch with people and things while not having a great big laptop stuck in front of me, its my work toy for music, Instant Messaging and jaiku, but still having my phone free for calls and its my hotel toy for lying in bed watching movies. Ah hell “I’m a toyboy, sorry I mean toy boy”.

Everything was going great living with the N800 happy & contented, until 2 weeks ago when some harlet arrived at the door, some sexy looking young thing with all the curves in the right places, at first I thought yeah this is fun, but now I’m racked with guilt. How could I have just left her at home and been playing the fool with this newer model?

N810 you tart, I’m sending you packing, go back to where you came from! I made a commitment to my N800, I need to take her back and try and make it work, but please N810 don’t blame yourself, it was all my fault, you’re not to blame, you didn’t know and I should have know better.




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7 05 2008
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10 05 2008
WOM World / Nokia » Blog Archive » N810 – a harlot?

[…] He was tempted away from his N800 briefly by the sultry N810, leaving him ‘wracked with guilt’. His N800 had previously been his ‘lounge toy’ for watching TV and staying in touch with friends, and for messaging and Jaiku. A brief dalliance with the N810 threatened this relationship though. […]

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