REVIEW: N810 “Its Sexy”

7 05 2008

From the previous post you may have guessed I liked having the N810 for a few weeks, now I know how those middle aged men feel when they trade their wife in for a younger model (Oh I hope Mrs gerrymoth doesn’t read this????).


Well it’s now week 2 with the N810 and I’ll be very sad to see it go back, mostly for two reasons, the look of it and the slide out keyboard. The N810 looks good, not to say it’s flawless, but it’s just so friggin sexy looking and having that slide out keyboard makes it just so easier and faster to type. I’d previously upgraded my N800 to OS2008 so straight out of the box with the N810 it had OS2008 installed, so no messing with reflashing and I knew how everything worked.


Installed all the same applications I had on my N800 and everything worked exactly the same, so no problems here, I did feel the web browser ran a little faster on the N810 than the N800, but maybe that was just in my head as it’s the same processor in both units.


The big, BIG plus for me was the slide out keyboard, it’s just so easier and faster to type things up on the N810 than messing with the virtual keyboard on the N800 or having to use the iGO BT keyboard, iGO’s a bit of a pain if you are walking around somewhere.


One thing I didn’t extremely like was the D-pad being in the slide part of the keyboard, WHY? If you have the slide closed and wanted to move around you have to open the slide or pull out the pen and use the touch screen. Not the best design idea from Nokia, but I guess I’d live with it if I had my own N810.


Now the N810 claimed to have built-in GPS, now I don’t use GPS much as I know where I’m going most days, but I’ve used the Nokia Maps before on my N95 8GB and found it very good, so wanted to try out the N810. This is where I failed, I could not get the GPS on the N810 to lock, either the N810 I have is faulty or the GPS unit is useless. I did go online and ask a few people how to get this working and more than a few said it can take more than 5mins for the N810 to lock, so left the N810 in the open air for about 1hr and still nothing, so I take it is a faulty GPS module I have in the N810.


I’m not too bothered about GPS on the N810 to be honest, its not one of the reasons I would have chosen in deciding to buy this unit. If I can find the N810 cheap in the UK I’ll be selling my N800 (to a very good home though!) and upgrading to the N810. Its looks & keyboard for the gerrymoth which makes me look at my N800 as if it’s a reject from the 80’s.


As Prince or was he called “Symbol” at the time said:-

The N810 – “You sexy MF….”


See images of the N810 v N800 HERE




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