WARNING: Nokia Maps v2.0 BETA has screwed up my N95 8GB

8 05 2008

I installed the new version of Nokia Maps over my existing v1.2 I originally had and everything in the phone has ground to a halt or very slow snails pace. The only way I could get the phone to work again was pull the battery and then power back up. I’ve got functionality back on the phone, but if I launch Maps again it just does the same thing.

I’ve got the latest firmware AND I installed the correct version on my N95 8GB before anyone says anything.

Be warned, before you try.




3 responses

10 05 2008

AAAAHHHH Maybe THAT Is my problem!!! N82 as well… Jeez…

9 10 2008

fcuk, me too but on n95 original. i’ve been trying to fix this for days! *weeps uncontrolably*

10 10 2008

Try upgrading your firmware to the latest which includes the latest Maps v2.0 as default or check you are instaling the correct version of maps, as I’ve noticed differences in version from the one on the Nokia.com site compared to the one available in the nokia.mobi site.

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