Google Reader for iPhone on the N95 8GB

13 05 2008

Google Reader for iPhone

Last night I’d mostly tested the iPhone version of Google Reader on the N800, but been using it most of today on my N95 8GB and I must say I really really like it.

If you click the FEEDS button you”ll see all your TAGS folders and can then select an individual SUBSCRIPTION or view all TAGS items. Two great benefits of the iPhone version are you can show UPDATED or ALL items (handy to view items you’ve already read) and you can mark ALL items read or mark items shown on screen as read (Very very handy if you have 1000+ items and want to mark ALL read).

When scrolling through items in your subscriptions the iphone version shows you the header and a short description, if you click on the item it will show you the full message on the screen (click header again closes) and from there you can go to ‘See orginal’, ‘Share’ or Keep unread’. I did wonder where the ‘Starred items’ starred icon disappeared to, its still there, but not viewable on the N95 8GB for some strange reason, just click to the left of the message header and you will turn the star yellow.

The best thing about this iPhone version is the speed, its much faster than the ordinary mobile version and looks way better as well.

PLEASE! PLEASE GOOGLE! Don’t restrict this when it comes out of beta to only iPhone users, this is a great update for the N95 8Gb or the N800/N810.

UPDATE: Another tip from Rita El Khoury over at is to change the Zoom Level to 75% for better viewing (Just press # key to reduce the zoom and * key to increase). 

UPDATE 14/05/08: Just noticed you can see your friends icon for all their posts if you are viewing ALL ITEMS, see HERE for image example.




4 responses

13 05 2008
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13 05 2008
Rita El Khoury

Heh i just made my own post about it on my n95, based on your post yesterday on the n800. Thanks for the tip on how to star items.

15 05 2008
Nuovo Google Reader per iPhone: funziona anche sull’S60 browser : Spaziocellulare News Magazine

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17 05 2008
Google reader for iPhone works for Nseries | Migs Mobile Network

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