UPDATE: Vagalume v0.6 brings Update Status in IM

15 05 2008

Released Vagalume 0.6, a Last.fm client for Gnome and Maemo

* Freedesktop tray icon (Gnome only, thanks Mario Sanchez)
* Notifications support via libnotify (Gnome only, thanks Mario nchez)
* New feature to update the status of several IM clients: Pidgin,
Telepathy, Gossip and Gajim (thanks, Tim Wegener)
* Gettext support (thanks, Alejandro Piñeiro)
* de, it, fi, gl, es, es_MX, pt and pt_BR translations (see
TRANSLATORS file for details)
* Set the current language when selecting a Last.fm radio, so the
name of the radio appears translated.
* New setting to disable confirmation dialogs
* Help messages for all configuration settings
* New D-BUS methods to change the volume level
* Support for changing/disabling the audioconvert GStreamer element
* vagalumectl script to control Vagalume from the command line
(thanks Mario Sanchez)
* Commandline switches to change GStreamer elements
* Support for osso-backup, cud and rfs (Maemo, thanks Xabier R. lvar)
* Disconnect Vagalume when the Nokia N8x0 is being shut down (thanks
Xabier R. Calvar)
* New play/stop/skip entries in the Actions menu, with shortcuts
* Big 64×64 icon for the menu in IT OS2008
* The password entry no longer has autocap mode (Maemo only)
* Dim the “Add to playlist” button after using it
* Don’t download the album cover when the window is not the topmost
(Maemo only)
* Increased HTTP timeout. Set a timeout in all HTTP calls
* Support for computing MD5 sums using GChecksum from glib

Upgrade from the Application Manager on your N800 or download direct from the project page https://garage.maemo.org/projects/vagalume

View screenshot of new IM settings on N800 – HERE




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