Busy Monday – What’s Been Happening

19 05 2008

Its been a very busy Monday, not just on the mobile phone scene, but work and play as well.

So what have I noticed today that caught my eye?

First up is not very Nokia news, but probably the saddest news of the day that MiniNova.org is facing a lawsuit according to Mashable.

I’ve just updated Coreplayer for the N95 8GB to the latest version v1.2.4 which adds FLV playback capability among other features/fixes, see changelog HERE.

News of a very good maps app for hill walkers from ViewRanger, there has been some talk over at Jaiku.com today about this one, still to test it out myself, but Ocifant a good webfriend has been buying loads of maps, so he must like it?

On the N800 front, Vagalume repositories have changed. The repo is now part of the Maemo Extras repositories, so remove or disable the old igalia repo in Application Manager.

Last, but not least I got an interesting email from WOMWorld on Friday asking if I wanted to be a Nokia Enhancement Specialist, I’ve agreed, so expect the latest on all the latest accessories being released from Nokia.




One response

20 05 2008

Yep, Can’t fault ViewRanger – I love the Panorama feature so you can look around and identify points of interest on the horizon. Great personal service from them too. I just wish the GPS on my N95 worked properly – it died after the last firmware upgrade (v21).

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