No internet for 7 days, I’ll never survive.

20 05 2008

Got the dreaded 3alert message of doom. Think I’ll need to topup the PAYG 3sim I’ve got.

Word to 3, give us back the Internet Usage page you gits, so we know what we’ve used so far.

Posted by ShoZu

UPDATE: Just called 3 to complain about not being able to view my Internet Usage and was told there is a problem with 3’s systems and they are sending these text messages out in error. They did also say I should be able to view my internet usage left from the Check My Usage page on My3, but gave up trying to explain that that’s never worked to the nice Indian CS.




3 responses

20 05 2008
Guy Cocker

I just got this exact same message. Hopefully it doesn’t mean I’ll be cut off soon.

20 05 2008
Ian Chilton


I got the same message this morning too and I dont see how i’d have used anywhere near 1GB – I rarely pass 100MB in a month!


20 05 2008

I didn’t get the warning(s) this morning but I’ve had them in the past. I keep on using the service despite the warnings, just more sparingly. But, according to my latest bill, I hadn’t gone over the fair use limit at all!

I’ve blogged about it here:

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