New Nokia ringtone in the N78

21 05 2008

Stefan from IntoMobile has just uploaded to youtube a video showing the new default nokia ringtone in the upcoming N78.

Personally I think its ‘Nokia meets Candlewick Green’

UPDATE 21/05/08 17:18:

Download N78 Tune HERE

Download Candlewick Green Tune HERE




4 responses

21 05 2008
Robert Gale

Sounds like Nokia is going back to the roots of the ringtone (

21 05 2008

Robert Gale – Maybe they have digitally remastered it for 2008?

23 05 2008
Listen To The New Nokia Ringtone | micklanders

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28 05 2008
A melodia mais conhecida do mundo foi atualizada | Cybervida

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