Will Nokia ever get N-GAGE right?

21 05 2008

News all over the net today has been bashing Nokia on their policy of buying a licence for a single phone only. Nokia have changed they’re minds since they initially broke the news of n-gage in Barcelona. Back then they assured eveyone a bought license was tied to your username and if you changed phones you could still keep your purchased games, but that’s not so.

I managed to grab a free license for FIFA08 from the n-gage site giveaway, but recently upgraded my firmware to the latest and can’t find anyway of getting the license renewed.

Come on Nokia, sort it out.




3 responses

21 05 2008
matthew bennett

Don’t forget, Nokia also has this policy with their mapping software. If you upgrade it to full navigation, it’s tied to that one phone. Lame!

C’Mon, Nokia!

27 05 2008

Open the license with a text editor and search for the following part:


“license_code” is your code that you can enter manually through FIFA 08. Should work. 😉

27 05 2008

Um, it doesn’t show the code properly. You can contact me if you are interested in the solution. 😉

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