Nokia PC Suite for Linux Coming Soon – MAYBE?

23 05 2008

I was very happy to hear the news round the net that Nokia are planning to release a Linux phone, hopefully they will also release a Nokia PC Suite for all us Linux users (Hey its an ever growing community).

The only thing I can do with my N95 8GB and Ubuntu Hardy system on my laptop is send/receive files via bluetooth and send text messages using Phone Manager, but it doesn’t show received text messages on the laptop, so a bit of a bummer.

If Nokia ever do release a PC Suite for Linux I’ll be finally able to remove the WinXP system I dual boot with as PC Suite is the only reason I’ve still got WinXp on my system to sync my phones with.




2 responses

23 05 2008

really i hope that..
Nokia is senior supporter of the Open Source Initiative
but it’s not a condition that the Nokia Linux Suite to being an Open Source software..

9 11 2008

Some PC Suite-like programs for Linux:

Nokia is extremely Windows minded. That makes sense, because the market share of both Nokia and Symbian (largest shareholder: Nokia) makes Nokia a sort of Microsoft of the smartphone business, which leaves users of other operating systems out in the cold. Sure, Nokia made a few programs to provide a bit of totally inadequate Mac support, but they’ve never programmed a single line of code to make your Symbian S60 phone talk to Linux. Sony Ericsson? LG? Motorola? They’re as guilty as Nokia.

To make things worse for Linux users, PC Suite doesn’t work under WINE.

But there are ways to close the communication gap. Wammu, gnokii, and KMobileTools are like a kind of bare bones PC Suite for Linux…

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