Mobile Lost or Stolen? DON’T PANIC!

29 05 2008



Ever misplaced your mobile or had it stolen and wished you could track it down and get it back. Well it might just be possible with Guardian-Mobile.


I’d already downloaded the FREE version of Guardian-Mobile and tested out the SIM Card change notification, but really wanted to try out the full PLATINUM Edition features like GPS Tracking, FakeSMS sending, etc.. without having to fork out $39.99 to find out it didn’t work the way I wanted. I sent a nice email to the Guardian-Mobile Press Office and next day they were nice enough to give me a license code for the PLATINUM Edition to try out, thank you very much


I’ve been playing around with all the features and I have to say, it works great on the N95 8GB, so if you were a bit apprehensive about paying upfront for this application don’t be, as the saying goes “Its does everything it says it does on the tin”.

Guardian is an Advanced Antitheft Software for Mobile devices, it provides unique and powerful features:
– Sim Changed notification through Invisible sms
Password Protection of messaging, gallery, contacts or every other application
GPS Localization and Tracking through GoogleMaps
– optimized for Low Memory and Battery consumption
– and MUCH more…

I really like the GPS Tracking and FakeSMS, check out some screenshots I’ve taken:-





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