UPDATE: Garnet VM Beta 2 for N8x0

29 05 2008

Just received the following email from the Access team:-

Dear GVM User,

Since our launch in November 2007, the ACCESS Garnet VM Beta for
Nokia Nseries can boast over 15,000 downloads! Like you, thousands of
Garnet VM users around the world still enjoy using Garnet OS
applications for their simplicity and their diversity. During the last
six months, we have received a tremendous response about the Garnet VM
launch. You have shared valuable comments about the features you want
to see in the next version of Garnet VM and the improvements you want
in the applications. We listened to our GVM community and thanks to
your help made some changes. We have added the most requested
feature—support for full screen rendering. We have also identified and
made other improvements to Garnet VM including providing full support
for MathLib that will enable many additional applications to run on
Garnet VM.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the new ACCESS GVM Beta 2 for Nokia Nseries is available:

Download the ACCESS GVM Beta 2 from our web site: http://www.access-company.com/products/gvm/


The Garnet VM Team

Download HERE




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