2 06 2008

Picked up this great little travel speaker in Tesco tonight for a bargain price of £4.97, reduced from £39.97.

It comes supplied with Nokia Audio Adapter AD-15, Nokia Universal Headphone Adapter AD-50 and Nokia Carrying Pouch CP-83 as shown in image.

I can listen to music or the radio from my N95 8GB or N800 and the small speakers belt out 2 x 0.8W.

This may come in handy while on holiday for taking to the beach with my iPod Shuffle, but for £4.97 this is a brilliant bargain, even just for the accessories which come with it.

Just wished I’d bought the last two they had, will go back in tomorrow and hope I’m lucky.

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3 06 2008

Went at lunchtime today and got the last two Nokia Mini Speakers they had at the Tesco Extra in Blackpool. I’m planning to donate one to my little boys football fundraiser race night next week, but still unsure if I should give the other one to my daughter or create a competition on here and give it away?

Oh and checkout the image of me using the speaker on my laptop last night watching Robocop. I don’t get great sound out of my Acer laptop, but had the sound at halfway and it was still quite loud in my hotel room.

29 06 2008

10 us dollars? bargain indeed!

27 07 2008

Many many thanks. I have had these speakers for a while but i couldnt get them to play on my ipod. Dont know what i was doing wrong, but they work now. Will also be using them on my n95 now and take them on holiday. Funnily enough just yesterday i was looking to get speakers so i can use my ipod. Thankfully i didnt and have come across your page today.

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