UPDATE: Fring v3.35

2 06 2008

Straight from the Fring Blog:-

fring for Nokia S60 devices: de-bugged, improved & enriched!
You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening hard… then diligently gathering your bug alerts, requests and suggestions, and grinding through the list like busy beavers…

So what have we done?

– Improved stability – with significantly less interruption, logouts, etc
– Made voice quality even better all round
– Added speakerphone for Symbian 9.2 (Not sure which Symbian you are?)
– Enabled file transfer from Yahoo! & Skype so you can now swap music, pics & vids over WiFi or 3G from mobile to mobile and mobile to PC! Its quick, reliable and of course free! No need for MMS, cable, Bluetooth or Infrared.
Important! The easiest way to update your fring version is to point your mobile internet WAP browser at http://www.fring.com and download fring directly to your mobile.

(Our R&D team are ready to zap any other bugs you and us might find, so please keep sending us your ideas, insights and bug alerts)

Thanks for your support

I’m downloading as I type to try it out.




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