REVIEW: Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703

5 06 2008

Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703

This is my first review as a ‘Nokia Enhancement Specialist’ for WOM World which means I’ll be getting pre-sale items to trial, so first up is the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703.

As I took the BH-703 out the sparkly red envelope it was placed in (leftovers for undelivered Christmas presents?), I noticed the micro-USB connector (as used on N82) and no other connection. What I thought to myself is, how do I charge the friggin thing as there was no cable or charger provided? Soon realised a cable was missing and one email later it was on its way from WOMWorld central park. The cable supplied with the BH-703 will allow you to charge the headset via USB, now this is great for myself as I’m constantly either sitting at my work PC or travelling then sitting at my home PC, but some others maybe put off by this if they just want simple mains or car charging?

The only other things which were in the red envelope were a neck lanyard and different sized ear plugs for the headset. The neck lanyard is a great idea as when the headset was not in use I could put around my neck or leave dangling from the rear view mirror in the car.

Now the BH-703 is a plug in the ear type which then has a metal wire to hold stable round the top of the ear. This is where I hit a major problem with the BH-703. I tried all the different size ear plugs and tried bending the metal wire every which way but loose, but I could not get the thing to stay comfortably on my standard sized head for any length of time. Now I’ve had a few stick in the ear type Nokia Headsets and not had a problem with them, hell I really liked the Spangle Earring type BH-701 and gave it a great review a few months ago, but this one just would not stay at peace. I ended up always having to adjust the headset when I was driving, something you really don’t want to do. Now I did a quick google search and I’ve found a few reviews and others have stated they had no problems with this headset, but wouldn’t go running with it.

When the BH-703 was stable on my head it was easy to connect and pair to my N95 8GB (usual standard, search & 0000 pairing) using the single and only button on the headset, yip NO volume keys/buttons, the volume is controlled from whichever mobile phone you use and to be honest I could have been doing with it being a bit louder, but the call quality was great and the Wife on the other end didn’t even know I was using it in the car (the wife picks up and comments on these type of things: “Are you using one of those stupid ear things again?”, aaahhh! I’ll stop now).

Looks wise the BH-703 is cool looking (styled a bit like the Nokia NSeries theme in black, I thought) and combined with the neck lanyard and USB charging is a great design idea from Nokia, just a pity it was let down by not being functional for myself by staying put on my ear for long enough to truely use and enjoy.




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6 06 2008
Chris Oldroyd

Nice review, do you mind if i post part of it up and link you in,

Harry (Chris)

6 06 2008
REVIEW: Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703

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6 06 2008

No problem Chris, I don’t mind.

6 06 2008
WOM World / Nokia » Blog Archive - Nokia BH-703 headset reviewed

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6 06 2008
Nokia Addicts Review Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703 | Mobile Tech Addicts

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10 07 2008

Just wanted to point out that this headset has a touch sensitive volume control (you slide you finger up or down the side of it) similar to the BH-803 preceeding it.

20 07 2008
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16 01 2009
Chuck Angel

One think you overlooked – probably because you didn’t receive the User Guide – you can control the volume by sliding your finger over the surface. Sliding it from the end upward toward the multi-purpose button is volume up and from the multi-purpose button down is volume volume down.

I just bought one of these today and my first impressions are quite good…called my office line while driving and left voicemail to myself to evaluate the sound that others will hear and it was quite impressive. The noise suppression doesn’t eliminate all the background noise, but the caller’s voice is still quite clear and easily understood – even while driving and having the radio on…not bad!

16 01 2009
Chuck Angel

Two other items to mention:

1) The eargels from the Plantronics 925 and the Jabra 530 will fit the Nokia BH-703 and give a very comfortable, yet secure fit without the wire ear loop.

2) I would have preferred a matte finish. When are these Bluetooth headset designers ever going to figure out that glossy black finishes are fingerprint magnets????!!!!

12 07 2009
Bluetooth only

Great review. I find that most Nokia Bluetooth headsets lack a good earhook.

23 07 2009

..i have a problem …during a call in the pauses for a while … that really annoying..

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