Why Does Nokia Not Support Linux?

11 06 2008

WARNING! This is going to be a bit of a rant.

I hate Microsoft Windows and have been a dual booter on my Laptop with Ubuntu being my main operating system (For over a year and a half) and only ever venturing over to the darkside, i.e. Windows, when I want to upgrade or sync my Nokia mobiles.

Well I had a few problems with my laptop last night and decided to go FULL Ubuntu and try and maybe create a Virtual Machine to run WinXP when I need it to run Nokia software, well YES you guessed its not the easiest thing to do and I’ve got to the point I’m really holding it in not to swear.

What is Nokia’s problem with developing a PC Suite for Linux? Hell I have a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet that’s supposed to be linux based, but you can’t do much with it connected to a linux system.

I’ve not heard anyone mention anything anywhere that Nokia are developing software for Linux, so I suppose Nokia are restricting themselves to Microsoft’s grip on the PC world?

More and more people are moving away from Windows and opting for Open Source Operating Systems for personal use, so what is Nokia planning to do for the legions of Linux users?

I’m not going to waste anymore of my time sitting in front of this laptop getting myself totally peeved off. My N95-2 is at the latest firmware and it will be staying at that and I’ll be looking at an alternative way to sync my phone contacts & calendar. I’m not going to just install and keep up to date an operating system just for Nokia PC Suite & Nokia Updater.

FECK IT! I’m a UbuntuMoth and bye bye Windows.




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12 06 2008

Currently I have the same problem. I run only Linux for 2 years, and use only Ubuntu. I don’t sync my contacts and calendar on the PC, but I use Zyb (zyb.com) to do that.

12 06 2008

Thanks @Nighto I haven’t looked at zyb.com in a long while (now whats my usrename & password?).

I may have found a solution to the USB problem, but I’ve still to try it out as I’m in work just now. http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=6876

Why do you never find a solution when you’re pulling your hair out?

24 06 2008

In fact you have several ways to sync a linux with a symbian s60 (9.x) OS. And all are done with SyncML.
– Create an ppp server, to use your bluetooth key as an bluetooth DUN profile. So, your Nokia can connect your computer by bluetooth and sync himself with.
– use your Wifi access point with you computer with IP, directly.

Linux needs creativity to work with 😉

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