BARGAIN: Nokia BT Stereo Headset BH-503 (£7 + P&P)

16 07 2008

Noticed this at the weekend and thought it was a misprint in the NEXT Directory, but its the same price online and I’ve just telephoned to order 2 headsets for £7 each plus £3.95 delivery, so £17.95 for 2 headsets which are selling on for £59.95 each.




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16 07 2008

Is there any chance you could order a headset for me? Apparently international customers are not allowed to purchase from the UK store, and none of the other stores seem to carry the same bargain…

16 07 2008

I’d like to ask the same thing, if you could buy another one, I could pay with PayPal…

16 07 2008

Sorry Guys I’m only letting you know about this great bargain, don’t want to start buying & selling stuff. I’ve bought 2 to see what they are like, keep one for myself and maybe give one away in a competition on this site?

16 07 2008
Digital Rasta

Excellent, buy #1 sell #2 to pay for #1 !!

16 07 2008

brilliant… thanks for the heads up ,have ordered 2 ,one for my son , saw them on an american site for $200..
this is on you tube

17 07 2008

Was going to order a few more headsets, but the Stock Status at now states SOLD OUT.

17 07 2008

very cheap price i wonder if they made a mistake

28 07 2008

I got a call from tonight to say the BH-503 was mispriced and should have been £49 each and if I still wanted these headphones?

I reminded the nice female operator that I had asked over the phone when I made my order if the price was correct and that NEXT had already taken the money for these out of my bank account, plus they confirmed agreement in an email to a contract to supply me 2off BH-503 headphones.

After 5 minutes put on hold I was told that this time only NEXT would honour the price and they will be delivered in 5 days.


4 08 2008
Digital Rasta

I had the same call on 28 July, got fed up by today, called back twice to say I wanted a written confirmation that they had cancelled my order contract, continuously fobbed off by terms & conditions. Eventually had a call back from a Customer Services Manager to say that they would honour the incorrect price, and re-instate my order. Here’s hoping …
Funny how the wrong price was still their last week too.

5 08 2008

Well done Digital Rasta, let me know when you get them delivered and what you think of them as well?

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