UPDATE: Skype for 3 v2.0 (includes Chat)

21 07 2008

Three have finally released the newer version of Skype which includes chat functionality. It should be available through the Planet3 pages, but if  you’re having problems finding it here is a direct link http://mobile.three.co.uk/sdf/skypeupdate

NOTE: This is only available to Three network customers.

Checkout my N95-2 screenshots HERE




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25 07 2008

Hi only problem is, when you recieve a skype chat message on any phone except the skype phone eg. the N95 there is no sound to let you know a chat has arrived

30 07 2008
B Lunat

Hello, Please advise if it is possible to extract the latest skype from 3 and install in to e90? Many thanks.

30 07 2008

It should work in the E90 as its S60 3rd Edition software, I’ve used the same N95 8GB file in my E61 and it works okay.

Download HERE

30 07 2008
B Lunat

Many many thanks.You are a gentleman.Regards.

3 08 2008

Hi Gerrymoth, do you have the same problem, reference my earlier comment about skype 2.0?

3 08 2008

I thought I’d replied to this? I get no sound, even with it enaabled in the settings. I do get message notificaion when skype is minimised.

4 08 2008

I want the world to know. This works like a dream on the e71, even though officially there is no skype client from three for it yet. Installed straight away no problem

14 08 2008

http://mobile.three.co.uk/sdf/skypeupdate link goes straight to http://www.three.co.uk/personal/index.omp which is the home page for three.co.uk

My Sony Ericsson Z750i is in a dire need of Skype chat.

It does seem three doesn’t want you to access the above link anymore.

Help pls?

14 08 2008

sorry, I realized that this forum is for Nokia, not sony ericsson, doh!

14 08 2008

Not sure if there is a Skype Chat for 3 for SE phones, but you could try Fring (http://m.fring.com). I know they do a version for the Z750i and they can handle skype, msn, yahoo, aim & gtalk

21 08 2008

Hi lads.
Got Nokia 6120 from Three Ireland. When I tried to download the Skype 2.0 from Planet3, it has failed to install with ‘Update Error’ message, I’ve uninstalled my existing Skype and tried again – with same result Now I’ve no Skype on my mobile and these bastards want me to send my mobile foor re-flashing (which takes circa 4 days and they do not give a replacement handset)…

Can anyone help me to find the version of Skype which will work for me?

Thanks in advance.

21 08 2008

Korvin the old version of Skype can be downloaded HERE

21 08 2008

Thanks man!

By the way, my problem was solved only by the hard resetting the phone (copy contacts to memory card, dial *#7370#, Hold answer, 3 and * while powering on to reset all data).

All the data stored not on the memory card was lost, but I can install even the new Skype 2.0 here!

BTW, this Skype is pretty buggy… Why they don’t hire professional test engineers?.. If something I’m testing was so buggy, I’d have strong objections against releasing it to millions of users..

24 08 2008

This rocks, thanks! I brought my own (purchased from Vodafone) Nokia N82 to 3 Australia and it works great with v2.0.0.16 as linked above. Had to do a little convincing to get it to use the Australian gateway, but it’s all good now.

Thanks again!

25 08 2008
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2 09 2008

I just got a N95 from 3 on a Mix and Match 300. Skype 1.0 was supplied but before I got login it said I had to upgrade, so I followed the on-screen steps and downloaded and installed Skype 2.0.16. Now when I try to start skype, it just flashes quickly on screen and then goes back to the main menu it doesn’t let me login at all.

2 09 2008

I had problems when I first installed the skype upgrade over the existing version. Just remove skype using the App Manager and re-install Skype from the 3 mobile site.

6 09 2008

I used to have Skype v1 working perfectly on my unbranded phone on 3. Now when I try to login there is a nag to update, which then fails. Does anyone know how to get hold of the new .jad and .jar files?

19 09 2008
Communicator Fanatic

Skype v 2.0 for three has installed succesfully on my E90, however it will not connect, I have tried to uninstall, Re-install, restarted, installed on phone memory then memory card, but still UNABLE TO CONNECT!!!!! HELP!!!!

27 09 2008

i’m currently using the previous version of the skype client in Italy. Given that the local 3 branch has no intention of updating their client with the chat function, would any of you be so kind as to send me the .sis file to instal it on Nokia mobiles. Or post an alternative link where i can get it from (clearly, i’m not allowed on the 3UK network). my email: tom.thisistom@gmail.com

22 11 2008

Can anyone please help me out. I need to install Skype on my N78 which is not owned through the contract. I tried to install Skype V 2.0.16 per error occured that “Update Error”. Please guide me what shall I do now. I am in need of help from all of u. Thanks and please do mail me at mamoon_khalid@hotmail.com also. Thank u so much. Waiting

14 01 2009

Great work gerymoth!

Have been looking for a separate install for the new 2.0 client (as 3UK are not really that helpful when it comes to “unsupported” devices…) and I can tell that it works perfect on an unbranded E51 with fw 200.34.36

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