Okay, who turned Google Mail off?

21 07 2008

I did a reflash of my N95-2 last week and spent ages reinstalling all my applications, so when I was finally finished I decided to check my Google Mail, but the Nokia Web Browser said “NO”.

I spent ages going round in circles trying to get it working, but have fallen flat on my face. I can view the Google Reader, Notebook and Maps, but I can’t access GMail, either Mobile or HTML version.

Its even worse when I access Google Apps, I can’t access anything but the Google Search pages using the Nokia Web Browser.

What is going on?




One response

21 07 2008

My too have this problem.I think its about internet protocol in my case wap.But maybe server of your provider or why not google have reasons to stop.About google reader:hard to work with him.No options just in my right screen:out.My nokia is n95 8gb free.

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