[FIXED] Not the best start for moblog

22 07 2008

After listening to the smstextnews podcast I thought I’d give moblog another try. Well it didn’t go to well posting an image and text to m.moblog.net from my N95-2.

When will someone produce a decent blogging app or mobile site to use on my Nokia. I noticed WordPress for iPhone is going to be launched soon, what about improving the m.wordpress.com site for everyone else?

UPDATE 22/07/08 16:30hrs: I was getting the error as I was trying to send a GIF image which the moblog upload doesn’t support, so managed to send JPG images okay to Moblog using the mobile site http://m.moblog.net and also using ShoZu application on my N95-2.




6 responses

22 07 2008

Moblog’s mobile platform looks and works fine on my N95…


22 07 2008
22 07 2008

Just a glitch, seeing your Moblog up and running now I can only assume you passed the glitch and it was fine?

22 07 2008

Its posted the text, but its lost the image I’d added. Will try again and see if it works?

22 07 2008

Worked out what the problem was, it doesn’t like gif images?

22 07 2008

yeah, since there is no handset on the market which can actually *produce* GIF’s, we don’t support the mime type.

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