What is the point of Mobilcast on 3UK?

23 07 2008


I’ve tried four mobile phones now N73, N82, N95-1 and N95-2 and I’ve been unable to get the sound on Mobilcast to work on any of them. Now if I select ‘Play Now’ it connects to the stream okay and plays on all mobiles, but I just don’t hear anything?


I’m so glad Nokia now install Nokia Podcasting application as standard on all new mobiles.




3 responses

5 08 2008

Works for me on my 6120c – apart from the fact that some podcasts I listen to aren’t in their directory and others I like are weeks or months out of date.

5 08 2008

Have you looked at my podcast directory and using that in the Nokia Podcasting application?

If you’d like a podcast added to it, just let me know

7 08 2008

Thanks for the tip, but I find Nokia podcasting very annoying to use since it does not store the timecode when you stop listening to a podcast. Going back to that podcast causes it to start again at the beginning. Right now I given up on both mobilcast and nokia podcasting – I download on my pc and split long podcasts into 5 minute chunks, and tag all the chunks as an album. That allows me to easily find my place again after a break in listening to a long podcast.

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