Is Jaiku Dying A Slow Death?

24 07 2008

Is Jaiku dying a slow death since being assimilated by Google?



Well it is according to Gay Mac on the MobuzzTV latest video podcast. This was the comment made by the MobuzzTV presenter in relation to Google buying Digg and looking at some of the other purchases Google have made, would we ever see Digg again and stated Jaiku as an example?


Well Jaiku is still in closed beta (has never been out of beta, WHY?) and I’m still using it along with my 123 contacts I have for the last couple of years, but maybe I’m just part of the collective? I’ve never really got into Twitter, Facebook or Bebo, I feel you just post messages or statements on these sites, where in Jaiku you can have a conversation or several conversations with any number of people and still keep track of all these conversations. Plus the contacts I have on Jaiku are a very nice bunch of similar minded and very helpful people from all over the world. I use Jaiku daily and pickup on loads of information you’ll not find on some websites or forums and Jaiku is very handy if you have a problem, because people are only too willing to help or point you in the right direction.


So I say to MobuzzTV, stop talking crap and posting statements on Twitter or Facebook and get chatting on Jaiku, because IT’S ALIVE, I tell you IT’S ALIVE!



PS: If Gay Mac needs an invite to Jaiku I still have a few left?


NOTE: Discussion on Jaiku about this at:-




2 responses

24 07 2008

LOL! Honestly I love when people talk about stuff they haven’t experiences themselves to make an impression. Having used and still do occasionally Twitter, Facebook and Bebo I think Jaiku is still the top for great threaded conversations and community banter. Maybe we need some downtime to highlight how good Jaiku is like Twitter does every so often?

24 07 2008
Nokia Daily News 07/24/08 | Nokia Daily News

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