What can you do with the N800?

24 07 2008

I was on MSN the other day and a friend of mine asked if £105 (Quidco 30% off the UK Nokia Store) was a good price for a N800 and what does it actually do?

After several messages stating where I use my N800 (At work & sitting in front of the TV at home), I then listed all the good things you can do with the N800 (I kept forgetting some of the things I do on my N800, cos there are so many), here is what I stated to my friend I use my N800 for:-

– Instant Messaging (Gtalk & Nokia Chat with built-in IM and Yahoo, MSN, AOL & Skype with Fring)
– Email (built-in email client – Modest)
– Internet Calling (GTalk & SIP with built-in IM client and Skype & Fring with Fring)
– Listening to Music (built-in media player)
– Watching Movies (Mplayer)
– Internet Radio (built-in media player for nokia radio directory & Streamtuner for Shoutcast)
– Internet TV (KMplayer & WorldTV99)
– Last.fm (Vagalume)
– Podcasts – Audio & Video (gPodder)
– Watching YouTube Videos (mYTube)
– FM Radio (fmradio)
– Drawing & touching up pictures (mypaint)
– Torrent Downloading (Transmission)
– Blogging to WordPress (Maemo-Wordpy)
– Keeping Notes (maemopad+)
– Surfing the net (built-in Mozilla web browser)
– Socialising on Jaiku.com (Mauku)
– Playing games (Numpty-Physics, Chess, Mahjong. There are loads of others)

The N800 for £105, I think he thought it was worth the money.




3 responses

24 07 2008

Hey thanks, i thought it was worth the money and bizzarly enough a local guy within 10miles of me was selling his on a forum so i picked it up today for 80 pounds with 2x2gb sd cards, i am now installing OS 2008 thanks for the advice, and anybody wanting to know ipod touch vs nokia n800 i have barely had any time on the nokia and can already see that its so much better than the ipod touch.

24 07 2008

Glad to see you got a N800 Ryan, if you need a hand with anything I’m on IM for most of the night.

24 07 2008
Nokia Daily News 07/24/08 | Nokia Daily News

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