Why Do 3 Not Beleive They Have A Network Problem?

29 07 2008

You’d think I was swearing at the 3 customer services person when I tried to explain to them that there might be a problem with the network, rather than my phone.

I gave up trying to explain to them, so hopefully they’ll notice the problem themselves. Need to go connect to a wifi spot and see what deals the other networks are doing on mobile internet as I’m getting fed up with the connection I’ve been getting from 3UK in Postcode PR4 1AX for the last 6 months.




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29 07 2008

This post to ThinkBroadband’s forums sums up 3UK’s attitude, I’m afraid:

Tried one of these for my mothers desktop, BT line won’t support broadband (don’t ask).
Very efficient at taking the order and sending it out but problems started when trying to use it.
Despite assurances about performance in locality speed was only marginally better than dial up. So, only used for 2 days and have 14 to send it back to cancel contract.
This is where the trouble really started. Their not very “helpdesk” insist you have to go through their Returns Dept who made it as difficult as possible for me to cancel the contract telling me if I was having problems then it was my own fault for taking out the contarct in the first place.
As ever with service providers, its not what they do when it works that counts its what they do when it doesn’t. In my opinion this bunch are a disgrace.
Would you want to risk it?

How on earth you’re supposed to accurately establish 3’s coverage *before* you sign a contract, I don’t know…

2 08 2008

I’ve just started using a Nokia 6120 classic, courtesy of 3; I’ve had problems with the network — e.g., trying to access Gmail, both near home in Northwood and later in central London; Google maps seems flaky too — never had such problems with my old (busted) Sony Ericcson K610i

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