Who do you blame?

5 08 2008

You have a problem with an application on your mobile phone or you’re trying to view a page on the internet via the web browser and its crashing, throwing up errors or just sitting there doing nothing, so who do you blame?


[Hong Kong Phooey mode ON] Is it:-

Nokia Web Browser? – NO

Website you’re trying to view? – NO

Poorly created application? – NO

Erratic network connection? – COULD BE?



For the past 2 weeks my 3UK network connection has been up & down like a yo-yo. I can sit and watch as it switches from 2G to 3G to 3.5G and back to 2G in the space of a minute. I’ve called 3 Customer Services AGAIN and they have checked their system and said its not reporting a problem, so I must be a bloody liar then, plus the other 5 people in my office with the same problem. I have both a 3UK Contract and 3UK PAYG SIM and both are having the same problems with different phones.


Apart from ranting on this blog and posting to social networks and forums about the problem, I’m still stuck waiting for the 3 so called technical support to wake up and actually investigate a fault rather than friggin side step you.


I’m calm, I’m calm, Breathe IN, breathe OUT, breathe IN, breathe OUT……..


PS: You can keep up with my rantings about this problem over in Jaiku.




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