Thanks for the QWERTY

12 08 2008

Nokia E61


I’ve had my secondhand Nokia E61 (No camera version) for a few weeks now and I’m starting to really like it and be totally frustrated with it at the same time.


I love having a qwerty mobile phone back again (old Treo 600 owner) and I’m finding it great for Texting, Emailing and Jaikuing, but what’s letting the E61 down for me is probably the same issues I had with my old N73 that it doesn’t have enough internal memory, so you can only have a few apps open at the same time. Running Nokia Email, Jaiku and trying to open the Web browser can result in a system freeze now and then.


I so want to try the new E71 out with its additional memory, it will just be like when I switched from the N73 to N95 8GB. The difference was like Night & Day.


I’ll stick with the E61 in the meantime and use mostly for calls, text, email & Jaiku. I’ll probably need the E61 soon as I’m starting a new job which doesn’t allow camera phones on-site.


PS: Nokia Email on the E61 ROCKS!




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