UPDATE: Vagalume v0.7 – Now with Bookmarks

1 09 2008

Changelog from http://vagalume.igalia.com/:

0.7 (01 Sep 2008)
  * Bookmarks support
  * Support for the Moblin platform
  * D-BUS support for the desktop version (including vagalumectl)
  * vagalumectl: renamed 'tag' to 'globaltag' and 'personal radio' to
  * Added manpage for vagalumectl
  * Detect if Vagalume is already running when trying to run it
  * Tag correctly albums by various artists (bug #2741)
  * Allow removing all tags from a song (bug #2655)
  * Automatically renew expired sessions (bug #2554)
  * Added lastfm:// URL handler for the desktop
  * Fixed problem when tagging tracks with special chars in their names.
  * New Latvian and French translations (see TRANSLATORS for details)
  * Merged es and es_MX translations
  * Support for the multimedia keys in some keyboards
  * Configuration file moved to ~/.vagalume and converted to XML
  * Use threads when changing radio stations to avoid UI freezes



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