Google Chrome for N800 soon?

3 09 2008

Interesting story over on EETimes about Google porting Chrome to ARM and X86 within the next few months. Hopefully it doesn’t crash all the time like Fennec does as it seems to use similar Mozilla based browser.

Full Story HERE




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3 09 2008
Thai SEO

IE is going to offer users a chance to set IE to “private”, which will block Google’s Adwords advertising then Google Chrome born. Google Chrome is clean and fast. But I love Firefox.

3 09 2008

I’d love to see Chrome on an N8x0 tablet. A good web browser with Google Gears enabled? Do want! Unfortunately, my guess is that it will run on Android devices before it runs on a Nokia MID.

From what I’ve read, the underlying rendering engine for Chrome is based on WebKit, not Mozilla. I’m just thankful that the Firefox hotkeys mostly work for Chrome.

3 09 2008

Here’s what’s in the Google Chrome About:

Official Build 1583 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13

3 09 2008
3 09 2008

So it’s got Mozzila and WebKit in there? I honestly don’t care, but I’m just plain confused… : ) It seems like I’ve read elsewhere that there is some Mozilla stuff in Chrome.

4 09 2008
Google Chrome: ci sarà anche una versione per cellulari : Spaziocellulare News Magazine

[…] Un altro agguerrito concorrente quindi per Opera, Firefox e Skyfire. Data l’efficienza del team di Google, “rischiamo” di vedere prima Google Chrome degli altri. (via: nokiAAddict) […]

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